Longview Symphony

Concert dates for our 2017/2018 season:

All concerts will be held at LeTourneau University Belcher Center.
Opening Notes: 6:00
Pre-concert Music: 6:30
Concert: 7:00

Dr. Gene H. MoonJoin the Longview Symphony for a musical journey that will make your spirits soar!

August 14, 2017

Music stirs the imagination, awakens the soul and intrigues the mind. Listening and watching live performances can transport you to places of vivid imagination and inspire new experiences that enrich life. This is the purpose of the Longview Symphony. Together, we remain passionate in cultivating our art to bring these great performances to a great community.

We live in a society that moves at lightning speed. We see change at a blink of an eye and growingly become concerned about the tomorrows in life. For me, music is a place of retreat where I remove myself from the hustle bustle and give time to find reflection, exploration, inspiration and, from time to time, humor, in my life. Music is a powerful antidote that heals and energizes life. I hope you will join me for the 2017-2018 LSO season and, together, we can continue to develop the arts and ensure an enriching experience to our community, both present and future.

Gene H. Moon
Gene H. Moon
Longview Symphony Orchestra Music Director and Conductor

Dr. Gene Moon on the ETX Rocks Podcast

This concert season made possible in part by grants from:
City of Longview, TexasTexas Commission on the Arts