Outreach and Education

Education & Community

Through our mission the Longview Symphony presents education and communal- based programs by partnerships with schools and local organizations to provide opportunities for learning and community engagement. Our goal is to support, encourage, enlighten, and engage through the power and joy of music. We are a symphony for everyone!


The Longview Symphony is an advocate for orchestral and symphonic learning in and throughout the Longview and East Texas area. This year we will be working on a series of instructive videos and a Traveling Trunk Show aimed at teaching elementary students orchestral principals.

Community Outreach

The Longview Symphony is proud to offer our free Bach’s Lunch and Virtual Concert Series as part of our outreach to the community. We support civic and other non-profit entities by participating in fundraising, educational and inclusivity efforts. The Symphony is committed to providing and contributing to community-based programs benefiting our area.

Traveling Trunk Show

As part of LSO's commitment to educational outreach, a traveling trunk program is being created to service elementary students. The purpose of this program is to expose orchestra principles and inspire a love of music.